Necropolis' developer says game will address criticisms

Harebrained Schemes assures fans that it will get better.

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Necropolis was released to a little bit of criticism regarding the minor faults of the game such as boring segments and poor AI, but developer Harebrained Schemes promises fans the game will improve.

In a post on Steam they promised not only new enemies but a new environment called The Black Forest as well, all free of charge.

There are various changes promised in the post, split into mid-term (two to four weeks) which include new weapons and enemies but also long-term (four to eight weeks) which includes a second playable character, the Brute.

It seems, then, that Harebrained Schemes have listened to players and has made a conscious effort to fix their complaints and inform them of how they're doing so. Hopefully this means a better experience for the players going forward.


We are working on our review of the game and it should appear in the near future. The game is also coming out on consoles soon.

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