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Nearly two million players have died in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore

With the Warrior being the class with the most deaths.

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In a post on X, Blizzard has revealed how many characters have met their final fate in the Hardcore mode of World of Warcraft Classic. The game, which is a version faithful to the original, before all the expansions came along, got so-called Hardcore Classic servers with permadeath on the 24th of August. So if your character dies, it stays dead (You do have a choice to move your character to the game's regular server) and that's a choice almost two million players, in just one short month, have had to make.

In a previous post Blizzard shared some more information about what level the players were on average when they died and what were the most common causes of death. Since the Warrior is the most played class, it is natural that it has died significantly more than the others.

World of Warcraft

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