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Little Cities

nDreams first published game is the VR city creation game Little Cities

It'll be coming exclusively to Oculus Quest systems.

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nDreams has announced the first game that it will be publishing as part of its third-party publishing arm. Developed by Purple Yonder, a studio founded by a husband and wife team, the title will be a "cozy city creation game" called Little Cities, which will be coming exclusively to Oculus Quest systems in the spring of 2022.

The game will see players building cities from the ground up, including placing roads, commercial, residential, and industrial zones, as well as creating electricity, water, and broadband networks, so that residents will be encouraged to move in and stay in the city. There are also multiple islands to populate, each of which offers its own challenge to face and overcome, as well as a range of unlockable buildings to acquire.

As for how the game will be played in VR, the options to play while sitting or room-scale are both available, meaning you can take a more relaxed approach or you can get into the nitty-gritty of your city to view your creation much closer.

We're also told that Little Cities will feature "an exquisitely composed soundtrack", and that there is plenty of other information to share. As for when that will be unveiled, it's mentioned that Purple Yonder and nDreams will be dishing out more news and updates in the months ahead.

Take a look at the announcement trailer for Little Cities below, as well as a few screenshots for the game.

Little Cities
Little CitiesLittle Cities

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