Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

NBK is leaving CS:GO behind, and moving to Valorant

After a year and a half at OG Esports, the veteran Counter-Strike player is heading to Riot's tactical shooter.

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It's not uncommon seeing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players making the move to Riot's tactical shooter Valorant, as the games require a similar skill set. And that's exactly what's happened again recently, as OG Esports Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt has announced that he is leaving CS:GO behind for Valorant.

Revealed in a post by OG, the announcement reads, "After winning everything on Counter-Strike, Nathan "NBK" Schmitt made the courageous decision today to try the VALORANT adventure with the goal of adding shelves to an already overflowing trophy case."

Regarded as the "most accomplished French player of all time", NBK has been in the CS:GO scene since 2009 and has earnt over $830,000 in prize winnings over his career. The image below, from OG Esports, gives a brief look at the career of NBK and how much he has achieved over his years in the scene.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
OG Esports

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