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NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is a colossal 152GB on Xbox Series X

You might need to delete more than one game for this one.

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File sizes and SSD capacity have been somewhat of an issue this entire generation, as games are becoming huge and SSD's are really expensive. Xbox Series X is offering 802 usable gigabytes, PlayStation 5 gives you 667 usable gigabytes and Xbox Series S 364 usable gigabytes.

It's easy to see why this is a problem, when the pre-load of NBA 2K23 turns out to be a beastly 152 gigabytes for Xbox Series X. And this is without any patches, content updates or DLC. Last year was also pretty bad as the NBA 2K22 file size was 116 gigabyte for Xbox Series X, but Visual Concepts somehow managed to increase this by 36 gigabytes, a file size in itself bigger than many AAA titles of today.

While we don't know the NBA 2K23 file size for PC and PlayStation 5 yet, it's usually in the same ballpark (or perhaps technically in the same basketball court in this specific case), and NBA 2K22 was 109-110 gigabytes in comparison to the above mentioned 116 gigabyte for Xbox Series X.

NBA 2K23

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