NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 will take up 121GB on Xbox Series X

That is roughly a sixth of the hard drive space available.

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We've said it so many times already - but let's do it again; file sizes will be an issue for many gamers next generation. Xbox Series X has an SSD with 802GB available for games, PlayStation 5 has 667GB and Xbox Series S has 364GB.

We've already seen plenty of games climbing above 100GB, and now it has been revealed via Reddit, that NBA 2K21 is also one of those titles. It has a file size of 121GB for Xbox Series X, probably similar for PlayStation 5 and hopefully somewhat smaller for Xbox Series S (as it uses lower resolution assets). This means you can only have six games of this size installed on Xbox Series X, five on PlayStation 5, and three on Xbox Series S...

NBA 2K21

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