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Naughty Dog reacts to sexual harassment allegations

Ex-Naughty Dog employee David Ballard made the allegations on Twitter.

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This weekend former Naughty Dog environmental artist and designer David Ballard claimed on Twitter that he was terminated at the studio in February of 2016 after informing Naughty Dog and human resources at parent company Sony Interactive Entertainment of claims he was sexually harassed, and in the same Twitter thread Ballard said he was offered $20,000 USD to remain silent, but refused this.

Naughty Dog itself has since reacted to the allegations in a statement on their website on Sunday, saying: "We have not found any evidence of having received allegations from Mr. Ballard that he was harassed in any way at Naughty Dog or Sony Interactive Entertainment."

Ballard said that the sexual harassment at the studio resulted in a breakdown and he was speaking out now after "the strength I've seen in others coming forward about their experiences in the TV/Film industry". Ballard is credited for his work on Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us.

"We have taken and always will take reports of sexual harassment and other workplace grievances very seriously," Naughty Dog adds in its statement. "We value every single person who works at Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment."

Naughty Dog reacts to sexual harassment allegations

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