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Naughty Dog, Id, and Guerrilla choose their top 2016 games

Can you guess what they chose?

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The gaming year of 2016 is of course over and Gamereactor has, as you have read, published our top pics in ten different categories. American gaming magazine Game Informer has taken the time to ask a whole bunch of famous producers behind games like Doom, Final Fantasy XV, The Last of Us, and Killzone: Shadowfall to name their favourites, and the final result is a pretty interesting read.

Mathijs de Jonge, the producer and lead creative for the Killzone franchise, thinks that Titanfall 2 is the best game of 2016 while Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us head honcho Neil Druckmann chose The Last Guardian with this motivation: "Another beautiful tale of a bond created through interaction [...] Trico is a masterclass in creating a believable, living creature. By the end of the journey I was wiping away tears - the first time that has ever happened to me in a video game."

The producer behind The Elder Scrolls Online thinks that Firewatch was the best game of last year and said this about it: "Best story I've experienced in a game in a long time, and presented in a really immersive, novel fashion. Anyone who wants to be (or already is!) a game or narrative designer should play this game, dissect, and study it closely."

The Street Fighter-king Yoshinori Ono from Capcom holds a special place in his heart for Blizzard's Overwatch: "This is one of the competitive titles that I like to play as much as Street Fighter. This title had a lot to teach me as it perfectly blends competitive play, sports, and cooperation."

Tim Willits of Id Software had this to say about his favorite game: "Overwatch was simply fun, is the best explanation of this great game. Overwatch is the most refined and polished multiplayer shooter in years. The characters, world, and backstory are surprisingly engaging and interesting which is very rare for a multiplayer only game. I have played more Overwatch this year than any other game."

Do you think these are good choices?


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