National Students Esports extends partnership with Intel

The pair will continue to collaborate for an additional year.

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The UK's National Students Esports association has announced that it has extended its partnership deal with Intel. The pair will be continuing to work together for another year, with the extension also confirming that Intel will be regarded as the British University Esports Championship's headline partner.

This deal sees Intel tapped as a partner with the NSE for a fifth year running, and will last the duration of the coming academic year (2023/2024).

"We take immense pride in our ongoing support for the growth and development of gaming in the UK," said Mark Broom, Gaming and Esports Marketing Specialist at Intel. "As headline sponsor of the British University Esports Championship, we can help make a long-lasting positive impact in the gaming and esports community while also supporting the important community and career programmes delivered by NSE in the grassroots space."

This deal does also mean that community initiatives, such as Intel Monthly MVP, Intel Event in a Box, Intel Friday Drop, and Intel FutureGen, will all be back and supported for the next 12 months.

National Students Esports extends partnership with Intel

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