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Ghost of Tsushima

Nate Fox on creating the setting for Ghost of Tsushima

Including how they're going to transport players back in time.

The highly-anticipated Ghost of Tsushima aims to take players back to 13th century Japan, to a time when the Mongols invaded the Tsushima islands, but how will Sucker Punch's game achieve this? Well, Sony has just released a new video in which the studio's Nate Fox explains the process.

In the video Fox talks about how the Sucker Punch team will transport players back to the days of yore, including the fact that their research team has visited the islands twice to make sure they will be able to recreate the look and feel of it in the game. They've also taken great care in how they portray the samurais, regular people in their every day lives, and the villains: the Mongols. He also explains that even though the game is inspired by real historical events, it's not a faithful recreation of them, and some artistic liberties have been taken.

You can see the video down below if you're interested. Are you curious in seeing how the setting was made?

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Ghost of Tsushima

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