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Final Fantasy XIV

Naoki Yoshida's team at Square Enix working on next-gen title

Now that work on Final Fantasy XIV has concluded, the large-scale development phase of this new project has begun at 3rd Development Headquarters.

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Square Enix seems to be working on quite a few interesting things right now, as last week we reported that the Luminous studio's next project is "already in motion" (perhaps the "new AAA title for PS5" we've previously heard about), and now Twitter user DKHF_ has shared a career page on the developer's website that talks about the former 5th Business Division, now called the 3rd Development Headquarters.

This page is in Japanese, but as you can see from Google Translate and DKHF_'s post, this news comes from Naoki Yoshida, who is now General Manager of the 3rd Development Business Division.

The team has launched a "new core project" following on from Final Fantasy XIV, and we can expect this in the next generation. Initial development for the project has concluded, including the development environment, and is now moving to the large-scale development phase. "Fun" and "surprise" are the goals Yoshida is looking for, and since it's the career page the team are looking for applicants.

People have already begun speculating that this could be Final Fantasy XVI, but we'll have to wait for more information about the project before we jump to that conclusion. Would you like it to be FFXVI though?

Final Fantasy XIV

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