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Nacon MG-X PRO smartphone controller for Xbox now released

It's slated to work with all Android 6 or later enabled phones.

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There are several good solutions if you want to play streamed Xbox Game Pass titles on your smartphone, one of them being Razer Kishi or just using the regular Xbox Series S/X controller with a holder.

Now we've got a new alternative as Nacon has launched Nacon MG-X PRO, an Xbox mobile controller that is designed to look and feel like an original controller essentially making your smartphone a portable console. We're promised 20H battery time (charging cable included) with an LED indicator showing how much juice you have left.

It will supposedly "Works with all Android smartphones equipped with Android 6 and later systems, up to 6.7 inches (152.4 mm) screens". Sounds good to us, check out the short launch trailer below and head over this way to order your very own.

Nacon MG-X PRO smartphone controller for Xbox now released

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