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NA qualifiers for PUBG Global Invitational detailed

320 teams will fight it out for three spots.

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We've already known that the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 is coming this year, and now we know a bit more about how North American teams can get to the PGI 2018 (as it's known), where 20 teams will fight off against each other for their share of $2 million USD.

The PGI North America Qualifier will start on May 24 and see 230 teams from the US, Canada, and Mexico battle for one of the three places open to NA at PGI 2018, having its own prize pool of $150,000 as well, which will be distributed among the top 20 teams.

The first round on May 24 will see all 320 teams compete, split into 16 lobbies of 20 teams, and after four matches the top 10 teams in each will advance. Then on May 25 160 teams will battle it out, split into eight lobbies of 20 teams, and after four matches the top 10 will advance again, with 80 teams competing in - you guessed it - lobbies of 20 teams. After eight matches are played between May 26 and 27, the top five teams from each will then advance to the qualifier finals in Burbank.

The final round on June 22 and 24 will be the grand finals, where 20 teams will compete in 12 matches across the three days, all of which will be available to watch on YouTube and Twitch. First place will win $32,000 at the event, and to get there you'll need to not only do well (as each first place finish is 500 points, with point values decreasing depending on placement), but also have to get kills, as each kill is worth 15 points as well.

In terms of additional rules, the roster must have at least two players from the three North American countries listed above, and players aren't able to take part in more than one qualifier for the PGI. Also, all players must be 18 or over.

The announcement for the North America Qualifier can be found here, while sign-ups can be found here.

Is the PGI shaping up to be an exciting event?

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