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Mythic Quest: Season Two

Mythic Quest: Season 2 - First two episodes

Ian, Poppy and the gang are back for more game development-related comedic hijinks.

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When Apple first announced that it would be developing a TV show set in and focussing on a fictional game developer, I was sceptical. It seemed like a pretty shallow way for the tech giant's new streaming service Apple TV+ to accommodate gamers in a broad sense, but much to my surprise, it turned out pretty great after a slower start. Now, the second season has officially launched with a double dose of episodes bringing back Ian, Poppy and the gang for more comedic hijinks.


Unlike the first season, season two picks up in the pandemic world, following on from the Quarantine and Everlight specials that were recently released. And, instead of broadly focussing on the development of the Mythic Quest game, this new season follows the crew as they gear up to drop a new expansion and adjust to their new positions at the studio. With Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) now a co-creative director alongside Ian (Rob McElhenney), we get daft, clashing personalities as Poppy takes more of a spotlight role and looks to adjust to a managerial position, whereas McElhenney delivers more of the classic, eccentric and hilarious Ian.

From what the first two episodes have shown, Mythic Quest still does a fantastic job at delivering comedic and personal storylines that don't fall into the same cringey trap that a lot of video game-related media has so often experienced. The characters are unique, interesting, and packed with charisma, which is only bolstered by the great performances by the cast that has seemingly managed to adjust further into their roles even better this time around.

Ian and Poppy are highlights, but season two is also looking to further explore the relationship between Ashley Burch's Rachel and Imani Hakim's Dana, the two game testers that grew ever closer over the course of season one, as well as further leaning on David Hornsby's David, the rather cowardly studio manager. Certain characters such as Danny Pudi's Brad and F. Murray Abraham's C.W. Longbottom have unfortunately seemingly taken a back seat compared to the first season, so hopefully they get a little more screen time as the season progresses.

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Then on top of that, as you would expect for an Apple produced show that doesn't seem to be even marginally hindered by budget, Mythic Quest season two is also well-shot and features a great set that encapsulates the chaos of game development, not that it's all that different to the season one set.

Mythic Quest: Season TwoMythic Quest: Season Two

Season two so far has shown me that McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz have managed to figure out the identity of Mythic Quest and what this show needs to be to succeed. The three who are known for their comedic prowess (Day and McElhenney from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Ganz credited on the likes on Modern Family and Community) have delivered more episodes that represent the quality we began to see as the norm as the first season progressed.

But, can it continue this streak of delivering entertaining episodes over the course of the season? That's a question that concerns me as Mythic Quest originally started as quite a run-of-the-mill comedy series, before finding its feet. The first two episodes have shown that the show excels when it is let off the rails and can really let the creators (who are known for some of the most ingenious comedy shows there are) do what they do best.

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With all of this being said, Mythic Quest season two has started off well, delivering two episodes that give me a reason to maintain an Apple TV+ subscription, not that there are many others. I am looking forward to seeing where this season will take us because as of right now, it's enjoyable entertainment.

Mythic Quest: Season Two
Mythic Quest: Season TwoMythic Quest: Season TwoMythic Quest: Season Two
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