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My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia heading to consoles in April

The colourful RPG left Steam Early Access in January, and is now heading to other platforms like PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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My Time At Portia was released in Early Access in 2018 - followed by a full PC release in January 2019 - and has since garnered a healthy following on Steam with almost 10,000 user reviews giving the game a 'very positive' marker. Here at Gamereactor we also enjoyed the game, as you can tell from our review.

Developer Pathea Games and publisher Team 17 Digital Ltd have now revealed that the game will launch on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on April 16. My Time At Portia will be getting both a digital and physical release for consoles, which may broaden the reach of this charming RPG.

Players who pre-order the game will be offered a slew of in-game bonus items as part of the Housewarming Gift Set. This set includes the jacket and ripped jeans outfit, exclusive furniture in the form of a Lion with Wings statue and the Cuckoo Station clock, rainbow jelly and dried beef consumables, and 500 gold to get you started.

Will you be trying the game now it's heading to consoles?

My Time At Portia

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