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Miasma Chronicles

Mutant Year Zero developer to bring Miasma Chronicles next year

We have a teaser trailer for the upcoming project.

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We've been covering the 505 Games Showcase quite extensively today, and that's included taking a first look at Among the Trolls, as well as another look at Stray Blade, but to round out the show, the publisher had one final trick up its sleeve, in the form of a brief cinematic teaser trailer.

The teaser trailer was for a game called Miasma Chronicles, a title that is coming from Mutant Year Zero developer The Bearded Ladies. The game seems to revolve around a future where a young man is looking to use a peculiar power glove that has the ability to interact with a strange ferrofluid-looking portal, all in an effort to use said portal to find his mother who is trapped beyond one of them.

I'm saying "seems" a lot here, as unfortunately details surrounding the game are quite scarce right now, and what information I do have is coming from the teaser trailer that you can see below.


What I do know however is that Miasma Chronicles is aiming to release next year, 2023, and will be coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles when it does so. Check out a few accompanying screenshots below.

Miasma ChroniclesMiasma Chronicles
Miasma ChroniclesMiasma Chronicles

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