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Murder in the Hotel Lisbon

Murder in the Hotel Lisbon arrives on Steam at July 17th

From the creator of PS3's Undersiege.

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Nerd Monkeys, the Portuguese developer led by PS3's Undersiege director, Filipe Pina, announced today that Murder in the Hotel Lisbon will be launching on Steam on July 17. The game was avaiable on their own website since last December, but will now launch on Valve's platform after being Greenlit, with "improvements and extra features", plus Steam's achievements and trading cards.

The game scored a 7 when it was reviewed by our Portuguese coleagues and it's a classic point and click adventure, featuring Detective Case and Clown Bot, as they try to solve the mistery behind a suicide (with several knife wounds on the back) in the Hotel Lisbon. Murder in Hotel Lisbon will launch with a price of €9.99€ / £6.99 and it will be available in Portuguese and English.

Murder in the Hotel Lisbon

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