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Murder by Numbers

Murder by Numbers gets a March 2020 release date

The sassy new murder mystery is heading to PC and Switch in just a few weeks, plus there's a new trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Set in Los Angeles back in 1996, Murder by Numbers is a quirky-looking puzzle-adventure where players take on the role of TV detective Honor Mizrahi as she tries to solve the mystery behind several strange deaths, and where she's a suspect.

Luckily, in this zany '90s-set adventure, you'll have some help from SCOUT, an "emoji-robot genius" who helps Honor interrogate characters and solve puzzles. With story beats by Ed Fear (writer-designer on Hatoful Boyfriend, Swords of Ditto, and Heavenstrike), character designs by Hato Moa (Hatoful Boyfriend), and a '90s-inspired soundtrack by Masakazu Sugimori (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney), it sounds like it's going to be delightfully offbeat. But don't take our word for it, check out the trailer below.

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Murder by Numbers is heading first to Nintendo Switch on March 5, and will follow on Steam a whole day later on March 6, with discounts available for early birds on both platforms.

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