MultiVersus won't make you spend countless hours to finish a battle pass

Big changes have been made to how you get your cosmetics and Gleamium.

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MultiVersus' full release is just a few days away now, and some big changes are going to be apparent to those who've played the beta. Not only in the game's combat, but also in its progression system.

Speaking with designer Ian Rapoport, we asked whether players would feel pressurised to beat the game's battle pass. In the live service era, it can often feel like players are incentivised to spend as much time as possible on a game, else they risk losing out on cosmetics forever.

"We've done a lot of tweaks with progression," said Rapoport. "We want to make sure those things that you can be getting in the future there are going to have alternative ways to get them. Even with Gleamium which in the open beta was a very restrictive thing and was only accessible through actually purchasing it we now have ways to either get it through the battle pass or through events so there's more avenues to kind of chase after the cosmetics the rewards you're seeking as a player and be able to get those through gameplay."

So, you won't need to open your wallet or spend nearly as many hours fighting to get your Gleamium, by the looks of things. Still, the game will have a battle pass system, but hopefully it will be improved compared to the old way of the open beta. Check out our full interview below for more:


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