MultiVersus will get a lot of missing features

The developer says it was "left out due to time", but Player First Games are working on restoring it.

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In our review of MultiVersus, we noted that there are several features that were included in the beta - but are now completely missing. This is particularly noteworthy considering that the beta was a beta, which was also criticised for having too little content - while this is a complete game.

But now Player First Games announces that many of these missing features such as post-match statistics, team colours and more are coming back. The studio's co-founder Tony Huynh writes on X that they simply disappeared due to lack of time. We do notice, however, that there is no mention of the training mode from the beta, which was clearly better than what is now in the final game - and we're keeping our fingers crossed that this too will be restored as soon as possible.

You can read our MultiVersus review here and the game is out now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.


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