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MultiVersus vs Smash Bros? "We feel very different"

Player First Games' Veigar Bouvius admits Nintendo players will "feel comfortable", but underlines teamplay as the main difference.

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With Warner Brothers' MultiVersus seeing its closed alpha running for the past few days (it'll be active until Friday), and with the beta coming up next in the summer, we caught up with the devs over at Player First Games right after going hands-on with the brawler. And even though comparisons are odious, we couldn't help but asking about the king of platform fighters, Super Smash Bros., and how will its players feel with MultiVersus.

"They will feel comfortable playing the game for sure", director of product Veigar Bouvius tells Gamereactor in the video below, "but we're also making sure that we feel very different. We focus on a lot of different things, for example we put a lot of emphasis on cooperative teamplay. That's where we really push a lot of the gameplay innovation. Our characters use abilities that are tailored for what they do from their fantasy, but are also very mechanically interesting and deep".


"They interact with their teammates in funny ways", Bouvius points out before giving some examples. "Wonder Woman can dash to her ally and put a shield before them, which blocks an entire attack, which can completely turn a fight around. Bugs Bunny can spawn a rocket to fire at his opponents, but he can also jump on top of the rocket and ride it, as well as his teammate, and so they can actually ride the rocket into battle. He can also create tunnels that dig through the stage and then, once the tunnels are in place, his ally can also use them to instantly teleport to the other end of the tunnel. There's a lot of interesting spacing, kind of flanking manoeuvres Bugs Bunny and his ally can do. So those are some examples of how we're really just trying to push teamplay and cooperative play".

In the full interview, we also discuss potential ways for players to communicate for those co-op actions, along with other topics such as accessibility, depth and balance.


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