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MultiVersus to shut down in June

But only to prepare the game for its official launch in early 2024, and we'll still be able to play offline.

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Player First Games' MultiVersus was so successful last fall that it's easy to forget it's just an open beta, but here's a big reminder.

The developers have released a video where game director Tiny Huynh tells us that MultiVersus' open beta is set to end on June 25. This means all online modes and features will become unavailable, so we'll only be able to play around in The Lab and local matches.

That's because the team will be focusing on making the changes and final touches to the game leading up to the official launch in early 2024. These changes include cadence of new content, a new progression system, improvements to the netcode and matchmaking, and other stuff we'll learn more about closer to launch.

What do you think about MultiVersus so far?


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