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MultiVersus now has over 10 million players

And it still hasn't even released yet.

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We have reported on several occasions that MultiVersus has become a huge hit for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It reached incredible results before the open beta launched last month, and since the beta became available for everyone, the popularity has outright exploded.

Now we've got a new prime example of this, as it's been noticed via Tracker Network that more than 10 million people have already played the game, and the number seems to be climbing at a rapid pace, so we should probably expect even more impressive results very soon. It should also be noted that MultiVersus still isn't even officially released.

MultiVersus is a fighting game in the same vein as the Smash Bros series, but more focused on duos rather than individual fighting. It includes characters from Warner's many franchises like Superman, Tom & Jerry, Batman, Arya Stark and Wonder Woman and there are more coming as well with rumours and data miners claiming we can look forward to fighters like Ted Lasso, Gizmo (from Gremlins), Naruto, Beetlejuice, Godzilla, Scorpion and even Gandalf.


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