MultiVersus has been delisted from digital storefronts

The platform fighter is set to relaunch in 2024.

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MultiVersus' open beta proved to be incredibly popular when it first launched in summer 2022. While that popularity dwindled tremendously, Player First Games is still opting for a full-stream ahead approach, promising a full launch of the game in 2024.

This means, though, that the online servers will be shut down in June, with MultiVersus having been delisted from digital storefronts as of today. If you'd wanted to try out the game before it was taken away, you'll have to already have it installed.

June marks when even if you've got the game you'll only be able to play in the training mode, and while there is the promise of MultiVersus making its return, there are many disgruntled players who can't see why they have to endure months without the fighting game.

Thanks, VGC.


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