MultiVersus Happy Meal stickers spotted in Belgian McDonald's

Is this the first sign of life for the platform fighter's return?

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After a beta that took the world by storm before dropping a lot of its userbase, Player First Games seemed to go back to the drawing board, pulling MultiVersus away from digital storefronts and promising a return sometime next year.

Now, we may have seen the first signs of life regarding this return, as a collaboration with McDonald's has been spotted in Belgium. It's worth noting that these adverts haven't been confirmed as being real just yet, so take this information with a grain of salt.

However, if this is real, it's likely a good sign we'll be seeing the return of the platform fighter sooner rather than later. If this collaboration does take place worldwide, or in major territories, it is likely we'd see the return of MultiVersus in some form along with it. Hopefully, there's a bit more longevity for the game this time around.


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