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MultiVersus gets Christmas costumes, a Game of Thrones stage and Dwayne Johnson

Black Adam has gotten the skin fans have asked for ever since he was added to the ensemble.

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Black Adam was already available in MultiVersus since earlier this fall, but only the comic book edition. But as the movie Black Adam has now been released on HBO Max, Player First Games clearly thought it was about time to let us play as Dwayne Johnson's incarnation of the antihero.

This version of Black Adam has now been added to the game, and he is not the only new addition as several of the the other characters have gotten Christmas skins together with a brand new Game of Thrones map (which lets you fight to a remix of the Game of Thrones theme).

Some of these new costumes can be bought with Gleamium as usual, while others need the new currency Holiday Cookies.


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