MultiVersus designer explains why you should feel more powerful with a teammate

Synergy is everything.

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Recently, we sat down with Ian Rapoport, designer on MultiVersus, to discuss the game's upcoming full release. We talked lessons learned from the beta, if there was any character Player First Games wouldn't add to the roster, and how the game stays balanced between 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

When asked about the complexity of balancing characters so they're equally strong in 1v1 and 2v2 combat, Rapoport let us in on a little secret: that being, characters are usually stronger in 2v2. But, there's a catch.

"I would say in terms of power tuning we do want to push like those co-op abilities to be a bit on the stronger side if you are synchronizing with your teammate and really like working together as a team," he explains. "There's some really crazy powerful stuff you can pull off uh but I think it just comes down to a lot of play testing a lot of listening to the community uh we want to keep our ears always open if something feels like it has gone too far and just check it out a lot in game."

"At the studio we play a lot of matches with different characters and just try to see how far we can push things so yeah it's that that edge between this feels awesome and does this feel like a little bit too far and trying to find that like the perfect sweet spot."

So, if you've not yet teamed up with a buddy, or you have a perfect character combo in mind, you might feel a bit stronger in MultiVersus when it launches on the 28th of May. Check out our full interview with Ian Rapoport below:


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