Multiplayer wasn't always planned for Deathloop

Dinga Bakaba: "Somehow it ended up in a document, somehow it got made, that's the funniest part about it".

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We're getting ever closer to the launch day of the next Arkane title, the highly-anticipated Deathloop. Based around a time looping mechanic and even including a sprinkling of multiplayer, the game has a lot to unpack and discover. To get a further understanding of what is to come, we recently sat down with Deathloop's game director, Dinga Bakaba, where he told us about what it was like creating the game, and how multiplayer wasn't always set to be a major part.

"Someone said, well if we want to make it super chaotic and super interesting, why don't we allow other people to play as her [Julianna]?" said Bakaba. "It was like, why not? Somehow it ended up in a document, somehow it got made, that's the funniest part about it, we didn't start with that specifically."

Bakaba continued, "What's interesting is that, in the end, when you are making a game that's the sum of various parts like this, there is a moment where it starts coming together. For Arkane games it's usually pretty late, which is terrifying when you are making a game. For a long time it feels like crap, it plays like crap, it sounds like... At some point, it starts taking shape and you start giving the correct spotlight or weight to each of those components. By the time where we got to the point when we got everything assembled, I would say that the narrative and the campaign part of the game took so much importance, and we were so happy with it that the multiplayer became this... it's this cool thing that is part of the experience"

You can check out our final thoughts on Deathloop ahead of release over here, and can check out the full interview with Bakaba below, where we chat about "the perfect time loop game".


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