"MS don't need titles for Japan"

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Game Republic president Yoshiki Okamoto has spoken to 1up about the cancellation of their second Xbox 360 project. Game Republic who have made games like Genji: Days of the Blade and Folklore for Playstation 3 also created Everyparty for the Japanese Xbox 360 launch. The game hardly sold any copies at all, and was not released anywhere else. Microsoft then let Game Republic know that they did not wish to continue funding the second title, and the studio kept on developing it with their own money for nine months - a decision Okamoto now regrets.

"In the beginning, Microsoft was funding it, so we developed it up to a point and showed it to them. They said they didn't really like it that much. After that, we continued to develop the game with our own money for nine more months, thinking that they'd come around, but when we showed it to Microsoft again, they said they didn't need titles for the Japanese market any more. That's why the game ultimately got cancelled."

"I think Microsoft probably gave up on the Japanese market. But looking at it from a business standpoint, I don't necessarily disagree with that decision. The Japanese market is only 15 percent of the video game market nowadays, and Microsoft isn't strong within that 15 percent. It doesn't really make sense for them to focus on that one small market; it makes more sense to focus on titles with a worldwide appeal. I would have been much happier if they had approached me in the beginning asking for a title with worldwide appeal rather than one for the Japanese market specifically."

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"MS don't need titles for Japan"

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