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Mr.X and UberShouts will return to cast the Overwatch League in 2021

The pair will be back when the league kicks off on April 16.

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This offseason has been a strange one for the Overwatch League, as we've seen tons of veteran pro players leave the scene, and due to contracts coming to a close, several members of the broadcast talent have been seen in other scenes. But, following a recent video posted by Mitch "UberShouts" Leslie, we now know that he and Matt "Mr.X" Morello will be returning to cast the fourth season of the OWL.

The video that was created by Uber detailed how his offseason casting other games has been, before he talked about the topic of the Overwatch League and why he decided to return to the Activision Blizzard run tournament. According to the video, Uber will be returning to the League as they had offered him a contract that promoted growth within the league, alongside longevity, but it will mean he will exclusively cast for the OWL, meaning his time casting for other scenes is over.

The contract for Uber and Mr.X is also set to start as soon as April 1, and the pair will start broadcasting once again when the Overwatch League kicks off on April 16.


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