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Mr. Naps wins Tekken 7's NA King of the Iron Fist Tournament

He beat Hua "Anakin" Luu 3-0 in the final.

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Jimmy "Mr. Naps" Tran has been crowned this year's NA King of the Iron Fist after a victory over Hua "Anakin" Luu in the final, securing $10,000 US dollars in prize money as well as a place in the global King of the Iron Fist final in Japan.

The final moments of the fight can be watched here and as Bryan Mr. Naps dominates Jack-7, winning the match 3-0. Anakin walked home with $4,000 for his efforts, however, and some saw his loss as a shock considering how good he's been recently.

The three American players, Mr. Naps, Anakin and third place Tray "Princess Ling" Sherman, will compete against not only fighters from Japan but also winners of other tours in Europe and Asia. Choi "Saint" Jin-Woo and Bae "Knee" Jae-Min, both from Korea, have already qualified for the global final, too, and time will only tell who takes home the trophy.

Who do you think will win the global finals?

Tekken 7
Photo: Astro Gaming

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