Moza Racing SGP Shifter

Chinese Moza Racing is powering on with perhaps the best sequential gearbox you can buy for around £100.

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Sequential racing gearboxes are a bit of a speciality of mine. I love driving rally cars in our sim-rig and I love the feel of a really responsive sequential gearbox. But it's difficult to satisfy all my needs, and for something to take a spot in my sim-racing room as a permanent fixture amid my currently over £38,000 rig, is of course not an easy task.

Simagic Q1-P, Oktane Design Sequential Shifter, Aiologs Seq Shifter, MME Simsports Evo 2 Sequential Shifter are all among the sticks we have used here at the editorial office at some point, while Fanatec Clubsport Shifter and Heusinkveld Magshift, among others, have been tested but discarded. In recent months, it is primarily the Q1 from Chinese Simagic that has been used by us and minus the fact that the actual travel path is a little too long in it, I would call it one of the very best sequential sim-racing gearboxes on the market.

In addition to the proper amount of travel, it's super important to me to have a mechanical, strong, and metallic "click" that gives the feeling that I'm actually moving between gears rather than triggering a switch in a little plastic box. In this regard, Moza Racing (who are relatively new to the world of sim-racing) has certainly succeeded. The SGP Shifter has just been rolled out on the market and I certainly didn't have very high expectations beforehand, but I'd be lying if I said this isn't the finest sim-racing surprise of the year so far. The SGP is fantastic.

Moza Racing SGP ShifterMoza Racing SGP ShifterMoza Racing SGP Shifter
100% metal. Durable. Sturdy. Easy to assemble and with a brilliant "click" in the shifting feeling. Moza has really hit the mark here and the fact that you can buy it for £105 is bizarre. Nothing in that price range can compete with the SGP, nothing.

The SGP Shifter is 100% made of metal, and it shows. Movement is perfectly balanced, not too long and not too short and the mechanical "click" every time I change gear is brilliant. Unlike the Simagic Q1-P, the SGP does not give the feeling of a gear "shifting" over a roughly cut cog, here the feeling is more "subtle" and feels more like a modern sequential gearbox rather than an older model in, for example, a 90s rallycross car. The click that occurs when a gear is inserted is substantial but not so loud that it becomes overpowering and it happens faster than in most of the gearboxes above, which we have used in recent years. It clicks in an extremely satisfying way, and it really feels like a gear is going in. I have also combined the SGP with a haptic motor from Simagic that I mounted on the side of the gearbox with Gorilla tape and activated it via Simhub to react to engine speed (RPM). I now experience the engine vibrations depending on the RPM, all the way up to the gearstick handle.

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On the top of the SGP (whose form factor and mounting options are consistently brilliant) there are two illuminated push buttons that can be programmed as desired via Pit House, which is Moza Racing's own software. On the back of the stick there is also a small metal flap that can be used as a clutch, which is good. I have not used any of these functions very much but I have tried to bind functions to them and they of course work perfectly well.

The very best thing about this consistently impressive gearbox is the price. Being able to buy a sequential sim-racing gearbox constructed entirely of metal and providing such a good feeling, as it does, for £105 - is a bit absurd. Moza Racing could without any doubt ask for double the price here, but sells the SGP at a consumer-friendly price and for that small sum you get one of the very best sequential gearboxes I have ever tested.

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Moza Racing SGP Shifter

Moza Racing SGP Shifter

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Chinese Moza Racing is powering on with perhaps the best sequential gearbox you can buy for around £100.

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