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Ghost in the ShellScore

Ghost in the Shell


A visually stunning film with a great performance from Scarlett Johansson, but it's not without problems.

Text: Fabrizia Malgieri



Believe it or not, there's even some fun and lighthearted moments in there.

Text: Sam Bishop



Go watch this movie as soon as possible, but leave your children at home.

Text: Ricardo C. Esteves
The Great WallScore

The Great Wall


If you like your history with a dash of crazy look no further.

Text: Mike Holmes
Doctor StrangeScore

Doctor Strange


Powers that once were super are now magic, as Marvel tries to cast a different spell.

Text: Mike Holmes
The Lego Batman MovieScore

The Lego Batman Movie


"Like The Lego Movie before it, the attention to detail that has been paid to every aspect of the film is marvellous."

Text: Mike Holmes
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVScore

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV


"The film has a good tale to tell, but if you have no prior experience to Final Fantasy XV, then you may get lost in the story."

Text: Brandon Green
Assassin's CreedScore

Assassin's Creed


"There are too many lulls, and whether you know the series or not, you'll probably wish that they'd shaved a few minutes off the final cut."

Text: Mike Holmes



Foul-mouthed and full of violence, it's a Valentine's Day movie to savour.

Text: Mike Holmes
Hitman: Agent 47Score

Hitman: Agent 47

47 is back on the big screen and he's taking on a deadly and personal assignment.

Text: Mike Holmes
Halo: NightfallScore

Halo: Nightfall


Following on from Forward Unto Dawn comes another live-action offering set in the Halo universe.

Text: Mike Holmes
Edge of TomorrowScore

Edge of Tomorrow


"This is solid sci-fi, and it's telling those changes we'd want are small alterations rather than widespread transformations."

Text: Gillen McAllister



Gareth Edwards brings the monster mash as he resurrects a cinematic legend.

Text: Gillen McAllister
Need for SpeedScore

Need for Speed

With the latest video game adaptation hitting the big screen, we grab some popcorn and head to the local Cineworld to check out Need for Speed.

Text: Gillen McAllister
Wreck-It RalphScore

Wreck-It Ralph


The easy sell is it's Toy Story but with video games.

Text: Gillen McAllister

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