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Go watch this movie as soon as possible, but leave your children at home.


Movie experts say that Logan is one of the best superhero movies ever, but we don't fully agree with that statement. In our opinion this is indeed a fantastic film, but it's not a superhero movie. It's a drama, wrapped in real emotions and much violence, but the fact that some characters are "super" is just a detail in the movie.

Logan's tone, topics, cinematography, and of course age rating, are not what you'd get from a movie full of superheroes like the X-Men, the Avengers, or the Justice League. This is a movie for adults that uses this classification to great effect. Wolverine is one of the most violent characters in superhero lore, and this is very much on display in this film. We're talking about a guy with anger management problems who has six claws in his hands, claws that are covered in indestructible metal. What happens to the guys on the other side of those claws is not supposed to be pretty, and in this movie, it isn't. You will see head rolling, severed limbs, bodies full of holes, and a level of detail in that violence that we rarely see on movies.

In other words, don't take the kids to see this movie.

Logan - The WolverineLogan - The Wolverine

And not just due to the extreme violence or constant profanity, but also because this is not a film designed to accommodate a younger audience. The pace, the themes, the look... there are so many atypical elements to this movie, it more closely resembles a western than an X-Men film. Some of the Wild West influence was obvious, but we would not be surprised if The Last of Us had also a part in it. If you've played Naughty Dog's game, it will be hard not to think of Joel and Ellie when you see Logan and the young girl that features alongside him in this movie.

We're not going to reveal who this girl is (although she is brilliantly played by Daphne Keen), but if you know the comic books at all and have watched the trailers, it's pretty easy to guess who she might be. The film takes place in 2029, in an age where mutants are virtually extinct. Logan is now a limousine driver who tries to raise some money to be able to take care of Charles Xavier. Eventually the girl ends up joining the trio, and a chase ensues. The rest you should really discover for yourselves.

Logan's script is stupendous, and avoids many of the usual cliches of the superhero genre. This is not a story about saving the world, and there are no big motivational speeches. This is real people talking, people that are tired, sick, and disappointed. Although serious, intense, and sometimes cruel, the script still manages to squeeze in a few jokes that help soften the tone, but they are perfectly contextualized.

Logan - The WolverineLogan - The Wolverine

It is also necessary to highlight the remarkable performances of Hugh Jackman as Logan, and Patrick Stewart here reprising his role as Charles Xavier. Through their own mouths, this will be the last time they take on these characters, but both said goodbye with real and heartfelt performances. Throughout the film they made us laugh, gasp, and even cry. The last scene in particular is brilliant and will definitely deeply affect fans of the X-Men, a cherry on top of a bittersweet cake.

A word also about Boyd Holbrook, actor who plays the villain Pierce impeccably (he had already made an excellent impression in the Narcos series on Netflix). Although Pierce is a fantastic villain, we cannot say the same about another character who makes an appearance. The decision to include this second antagonist may divide fans, but in our opinion it was unnecessary. A small weakness in what is otherwise a remarkable film.

We don't want all superhero movies to be ultra-violent and made for grown-ups, and we still think "normal" superhero movies are great, but for Logan to really work it had to be done this way. This is the movie that Wolverine, Professor Xavier, the respective actors, and X-Men fans in general, have long deserved. One true masterpiece in the genre, and a film that should not be overlooked by academies and film organisations.

09 Gamereactor UK
9 / 10
Adult rating is put to great use. Characters felt real. Excellent script. Last scene is brilliant.
One of the villains may divide fans (we didn't like it that much).
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