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No Time To DieScore

No Time To Die

The movie does not seem to know, whose expectations it should be fulfilling.

Text: Markus Hirsilä
Free GuyScore

Free Guy

We've all seen the story before, but never told in this intriguing way.

Text: André Lamartine
F9: The Fast SagaScore

F9: The Fast Saga

The villains steal the show in the latest Fast and the Furious film that despite its high speed still drags on a bit too long.

Text: Jakob Hansen


The latest Pixar movie is cute, but a little bland.

Text: André Lamartine
Cruella (Disney+)Score

Cruella (Disney+)

The iconic villain is back, in a standalone tale that sees Emma Stone sporting the iconic black and white colours.

Text: André Lamartine
Army of the DeadScore

Army of the Dead

16 years ago, the script was completed, but only now has Snyder's spiritual sequel to Dawn of the Dead been realised. However, Petter is anything but impressed.

Text: Petter Hegevall
Godzilla vs. KongScore

Godzilla vs. Kong

"How the future looks for the Monsterverse is hard to say, but this conclusion is, if nothing else, entertaining."

Text: Magnus Groth-Andersen
Soul ReviewScore

Soul Review

Pixar has once again made a beautiful, heartfelt and deeply emotionally affecting movie.

Text: Magnus Groth-Andersen


Does familiarity breed contempt? Nolan's new movie attempts to find out.

Text: Magnus Groth-Andersen
Project Power (Netflix)Score

Project Power (Netflix)

What if there was a pill you could take that would give you superhuman powers?

Text: Mike Holmes
The Old Guard (Netflix)Score

The Old Guard (Netflix)

Immortal warriors battle their way through history in The Old Guard.

Text: Mike Holmes
Artemis FowlScore

Artemis Fowl

The Disney-made adaptation of the classic novel has landed, but can the film live up to its illustrious source material?

Text: Magnus Groth-Andersen
Doom: AnnihilationScore

Doom: Annihilation

Sometimes films can be so bad that they're good. This is one of those films.

Text: Mike Holmes
Dragon Quest: Your StoryScore

Dragon Quest: Your Story

The animated film based on Dragon Quest V is now available on Netflix, but is it worth streaming?

Text: Marc Torres


With Bong Joon-ho's dramatic thriller scoring big at the Oscars this week, we thought we'd take a closer look.

Text: Magnus Groth-Andersen
Ni no KuniScore

Ni no Kuni

The magic of the video games has translated nicely to the small screen, although it's fans who'll get the most out of this Netflix adaptation.

Text: Paweł Matyjewicz


Sam Mendes has crafted an epic war drama built around a unqiue and compelling concept.

Text: Magnus Groth-Andersen
Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerScore

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Is this the finale you've been looking for, or should J.J. Abrams's latest effort be thrown in the Great Pit of Carkoon?

Text: Mike Holmes
Jumanji: The Next LevelScore

Jumanji: The Next Level

The gang have returned to the world of Jumanji, and this time things have been taken to the next level.

Text: Bradley Newson
Frozen IIScore

Frozen II

The gang are back for another adventure in the autumnal forest, taking the series in a new direction.

Text: Sam Bishop
Terminator: Dark FateScore

Terminator: Dark Fate

"The persistence of the Rev-9 culminates in an extravagant finale that brings all of the film's strands and themes together"

Text: Mike Holmes


"Phillips' has astounded and stunned with this version of DC's iconic character, reinventing the Joker once more in perhaps the most twisted way yet."

Text: Sam Bishop
The Lion King (2019)Score

The Lion King (2019)

"It's safe to say that this does the first film justice, and won't be spoiling your childhood memories anytime soon."

Text: Sam Bishop
X-Men: Dark PhoenixScore

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

After nineteen long years, 20th Century Fox says farewell to the mutants by giving us a film about one of the strongest mutants in X-Men history - Dark Phoenix.

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Pokémon: Detective PikachuScore

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

The Ryan Reynolds-voiced Pikachu joins forces with 21-year-old Tim on a case to find a missing detective.

Text: Mike Holmes
Aladdin (2019)Score

Aladdin (2019)

"It actually sets itself apart with some key style choices and extras like new songs, but it doesn't quite reach the heights of the 1992 original."

Text: Sam Bishop
Avengers: EndgameScore

Avengers: Endgame

With the cinematic saga coming to an end, here's our spoiler-free assessment of the Russo's crowning achievement.

Text: Fabrizia Malgieri


DC has already brought their most well-known superheroes to the silver screen, but all the same, it is Shazam who gives us new hope for the DC universe.

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Captain MarvelScore

Captain Marvel

We're in for a trip back to the 90s as the final piece of the Marvel puzzle ahead of Endgame slips into place.

Text: Bengt Lemne

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