Conan Exiles

Mounts finally arrive in Conan Exiles

Funcom has dropped the free update along with the Riders of Hyboria DLC, adding even more new content for horses and their owners.

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Funcom has some good news for players of Conan Exiles, as one of the most-requested features since launch has finally ridden into the game, providing mounts and mounted combat for travel and battle.

This is a free update letting players acquire horses and joust, swing their sword, and fire arrows when riding, but there's also a new follower leveling system in place as well, meaning players get experience points from thralls, pets, and horses. Followers can even get random perks too.

"Since the beginning, mounts and mounted combat have been a part of the dream that shaped Conan Exiles. It is gratifying and exciting to finally deliver on that dream and give players the mounts and combat experience that they have been waiting for," says Creative Director Joel Bylos.

This free update lands alongside the Riders of Hyboria DLC, introducing two exclusive mount skins, six exclusive mount saddles, 25 new building pieces (suitable for stables), three new armour sets, 11 new weapons, and 14 new decorative items for the stables.

This DLC is part of the Year 2 Season Pass and costs £8.99 ($9.99 USD, or €9.99).

Will you go riding into the sunset with this content?

Conan Exiles
Conan ExilesConan ExilesConan Exiles

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