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PUBG: Battlegrounds

Mountain bikes are the latest vehicle coming to PUBG

They're coming as part of Update 15.1.

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Krafton has revealed what the next vehicle coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be, and this time it will see players able to suit up and pull some gnarly tricks with mountain bikes coming to the game. They will be available when Update 15.1 makes it to the live server, or you can check them out now as part of the test server.

As for how they will work, Krafton has noted that the mountain bike will be quite different to other vehicles, as they will be lootable in their folded state, and due to the lack of an engine, they will make little noise, making them quite stealthy modes of transport.

While the mountain bikes will not be destroyed as they are loot, they will only seat one person, and likewise will mostly be found around the outskirts of a map. As for how fast they travel, the bike will peak at 62 km/h at full throttle, but will slow down, especially when you whip out a gun to shoot on the go.

While the bikes won't be as easy to trick as they are in Riders Republic for example, Krafton has noted that you will be able to jump and pull wheelies with them.

In terms of what else is getting changed in this update, various weapons are seeing a rebalance, certain locations are being reimagined, and on top of this, Ranked season 15 will be kicking off when Update 15.1 lands.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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