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Dead Cells

Motion Twin brings Half-Life's famous crowbar to Dead Cells

"In a shameless attempt to convince Lord Gaben of Valve to send us an Index kit (each, of course) we built this," pleads the studio, convincingly.

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In celebration of the release of Valve's newest Half-Life instalment, Motion Twin, the team behind Dead Cells, has decided to roll out a new update that has a nod to a certain iconic.

This item is the crowbar that is so well known with fans of the series, and now it's being added to Dead Cells in an update with a new skin and diet both themed around Half-Life. As for the crowbar, it deals a critical hit immediately after you break through a door or other breakable prop within the game.

In a tweet about the announcement of the Half-Life themed addition, the team at Motion Twin made a hint towards "Lord Gaben" that they would each love an Index kit.

Alongside the Half-Life additions, the team has also been working on the 18th major content update coming to Dead Cells. This will include six brand new enemy types to face off against spanning across a number of biomes. Another new item is known as the Portable Door, a literal door that you wear on your back as a sort of rear shield.

As well as these inclusions there have also been 11 new affixes on active skills that will change the way certain items and abilities work. All of this and more can be found in the full set of patch notes here.

Dead Cells

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