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Motiga finds Gigantic partner in Perfect World

No longer exclusive to Windows 10 on PC.

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Independent developer Motiga and their action-MOBA Gigantic, was perceived to be in some jeopardy earlier this year as lay-offs hit the studio. While Gigantic is independently developed, Motiga had partnered with Microsoft to bring the free-to-play game to Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Now a new alliance has been announced with Perfect World, and Gigantic will be made available on Perfect World's Arc Games platform and thus making it possible to support "players with Win64 operating systems". The partnership should also put to rest any fears of the game not making it out. The current beta phase will end on May 25, and

"2016 continues to be a year of growth for Perfect World Entertainment," said Bryan Huang, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment. "As we expand our line-up of partnered developers, we always want to ensure that our team is publishing quality content for gamers. The passion that the Motiga team has makes them a perfect partner for PWE as we accomplish our goal of bringing quality products to the industry."

"Our team is thrilled to work with Perfect World Entertainment who shares our vision for our game. This partnership will enable us to focus on creating the best experience possible." said Chris Chung, CEO of Motiga. "Motiga has always thrived off of the excitement of our players, and the continued success that Perfect World Entertainment has had in the free-to-play space has solidified our desire to partner with them for our upcoming launch."


You can learn more about the partnership over on the official website, where Chris Chung expands on the reasons for teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment.


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