Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II is revealed at Sony's State of Play event

The PSVR sequel continues right after the events of the first game.

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One of the most beloved PSVR games to ever release is Moss, an adorable animated adventure that follows the journey of a tiny mouse named Quill. The game stood out from anything on the platform back in 2018, as it blended both first-person and third-person perspectives, and it broke the fourth wall with protagonist Quill being aware of the player.

Players of the first game will be pleased to learn that a sequel titled Moss: Book II was announced during Sony's State of Play event last night. The game is said to pick up right after the events of its predecessor and it's said to be filled with "dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles, and enemies twisted in fire and steel." Sadly though, no release date for the sequel was revealed, but we will be sure to keep you posted once one emerges.

"We were blown away by the reception from fans to the Moss story. Players built an extraordinary bond with Quill. Countless emails, tweets, streams, and fan art postings made us feel like we had created something special," said Josh Stiksma, principal software engineer and design director, Polyarc. "We've since poured our hearts into ensuring Book II is a worthy continuation of Quill's journey, and hope fans around the world are ready to join Quill in the next chapter of her story."

You can take a look at the reveal trailer for the game above.

Moss: Book II

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