Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell's beta brought in over 350,000 players

In a recent 'thank you' post on social media, developer Cold Symmetry thanks its 350,000 beta players.

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Cold Symmetry made the beta of soulslike RPG Mortal Shell available on PC via the Epic Games Store earlier this month and in it, players have been able to experience two of the Mortal Shells (all without spoiling the final game), namely Harros and Tiel.

Now, the developer has revealed the number of players the beta managed to bring in and it's impressive, to say the least. In a post on social media, Cold Symmetry thanked its 350,000+ players (while outing 150,000 of them as cat people having stroked the cat in-game) as well as the 5 million people having watched the beta being streamed across Twitch and YouTube.

Are you excited to play Mortal Shell later this year?

Mortal Shell

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