Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 seems to have easier Fatalities

Distance no longer matters and everyone has the same button input.

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Fatalities have been a cornerstone of the Mortal Kombat franchise ever since the first game was released over 30 years ago. Always a bit secret and mysterious, as it was never intended that everyone should be able to do them right away, but need to find out how.

With Mortal Kombat 11, this was partially changed with easier Fatalities. But you couldn't do them all the time, as they did cost real money. Now people who participated in the Mortal Kombat 1 beta that recently ended report that the easy Fatalities are back, and this time it seems like they might be unlimited.

As explained by Kotaku: "You can stand anywhere on the screen to perform it. And the inputs to perform them are absurdly simple and shared between every character: it's just Down, Down, and a button."

This might be changed in the final game, but if not, it seems like Fatalities might be for everyone for the first time ever in Mortal Kombat history. Do you think this is a good idea, or should they have remained harder to perform?

Mortal Kombat 1

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