Mørkredd launches exclusively for Xbox Game Pass in December

The indie will be coming on day one to the service.

If you are mørkredd, you are afraid of the dark. Mørkredd is a Nordic expression, and also the title of an upcoming puzzle adventure game from the Norweigian developer Hyper Games. Late yesterday, it was revealed on Xbox Wire that it is being released exclusively for the Xbox consoles in December, and it will also be available with Xbox Game Pass day one.

Mørkredd is based on Nordic culture where sunlight is limited and polar nights prevent people from seeing even a second of the sun for several weeks each year. The developers also add that "paganism and norse mythology and those have definitely inspired our work" as well, and they are also very proud that they won the "Best International Game" in Tokyo last year during the major indie game festival BitSummit.

The game is all about solving puzzles and co-op, rather than scaring you, but there will always be an element of you wondering what lurks in the darkness. Check out the brand new trailer below:

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