Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Moritz Maurer launches esports data platform Grid

The service has partnered with the Faceit Major in London.

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A new esports data platform called Grid has just been launched as of today, and it's starting with a bang, partnering with the Faceit London Major happening this month, where fans can look at the platform starting with the first match of the Challengers Stage at 10:00 BST today.

Grid is a "new esports data platform designed to unlock new commercial opportunities for esports and to enhance the viewing experience of esports fans. Where the intricacies of competitive games can be lost beyond core fans Grid aims to make information accessible to help further the esports industry by being able to educate audiences on the game they are watching," according to the press release.

Moritz Maurer launched Grid, and he used to work with the first in-play betting product for esports at GeniusSports. Grid seeks to embrace a number of competitive titles aside from CS:GO too, specialising in data extraction to provide insights on broadcasts as well as predictions.

"Despite the digital nature of esports, the data landscape is underdeveloped. As a growing industry we need to go beyond our core audiences and need to make games more accessible and engaging - data is a key driver here." said Moritz Maurer, CEO of Grid. "Grid grants rights holders the control of their data through proprietary extraction technology and unlocks the potential of the data assets in fan-facing applications and content solutions."

"Grid offers something new for esports audiences. We're excited to integrate the platform as our official data partner for the Faceit London Major and to see how our fans react during the Challengers Stage," said Michele Attisani, CBO & Co-Founder of Faceit. "We're always looking for way to offer our community more, to keep them entertained and to also offer them more of an insight into the teams and players they love."

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview about Grid from Twickenham Stadium in London. Do you think Grid is a good idea?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Grid

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