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Morgausse is the final Fortnite Summer Skirmish champion

He won the $1.5 million USD PAX West event.

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Fortnite's Summer Skirmish series finally came to a close at PAX West recently, and to wrap up the competition the stakes were high, with $1.5 million USD on the line. The top prize eventually went to player Morgausse as he bested 100 other players to come out in first place, earning 11 points and $250,000.

In terms of scoring, victories earned you three points, with second and third place giving you two points and fourth to 10th place granting one point. On top of that, getting three to four eliminations also nabbed you a point, while five to six earned you two, and over seven got you three.

Ghost Bizzle came in second place behind Morgausse, with Poach in third, and the whole event was filled with tons of Fortnite goodness like cosplay and fan events while the esports action was going on.

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Photo: Epic Games

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