Goldeneye 007

More signs of Goldeneye 007 getting a remaster pop up

The trademark for the game has been extended.

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There have been plenty of rumours from acknowledged insiders and other sources (including a leaked list of Achievements for the game) claiming that the classic Nintendo 64 title Goldeneye 007 is about to get a comeback for Xbox in a remastered version. So far, nothing has been revealed, even though it looked like it would happen anytime soon.

One possible explanation as to why this hasn't happened yet comes from the VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb who tweets that he thinks "that if it were planned to be announced, that's probably been put on hold due to Goldeneye's Soviet/Russian-military-heavy plot and characters". If this really is the reason why we haven't got an announcement is unknown, but a few days ago, the trademark for the game was extended.

While trademarks certainly don't necessarily mean that it will be used (in most cases it's not), there are a lot of wildfires and smoke around Goldeneye 007, and in this specific case - we would say this extension of the trademark at this time actually implies something is happening.

Goldeneye 007

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