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More Sea of Thieves music available on Spotify

If you're a fan of the music from Rare's nautical online adventure then there's a treat waiting for you.

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Sea of Thieves did get its fair share of criticism for the lack of content on board when it first set sail, even though it has been improved significantly since then. That said, there was one thing that everybody seemed to love from the start, and that was the music. They were simply excellent pirate-themed tunes, with the catchy Maiden Voyage and the epic Becalmed (available on Spotify since last month) - and now another song has been added.

Via the official Twitter account for the game, it has now been announced that With Hammer and Hope can be enjoyed on Spotify (along with several other music platforms):

"The inspiring melodies of the Maiden Voyage are now available to stream and buy from your platform of choice. Titled 'With Hammer and Hope', let this song invigorate your adventurer's spirit wherever you are, and whatever you're up to! ????"

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Sea of Thieves

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