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More on Menace by Overhype: "There will be (3D, flying) legs"

Procedural generation will again be an important element and difficulty will be "a little less frustrating", Paul Taaks tells Gamereactor.

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Battle Brothers became an indie darling a few years ago thanks to its fresh, elaborated approach to the turn-based tactics genre. Other than its peculiar art style with big heads and no legs, it was made by "people working at their random day jobs", as creative director Paul Taaks told Gamereactor at the BIG Conference in Bilbao. For Overhype Studios, the key to make indie projects like that blossom is to "really focus on the core of your game", something they're naturally applying to their yet-to-be-unveiled Menace.

"Yeah we're going for 3D-graphics, that is something I can tell. The characters will have legs, spoiler! (Laughs)", Taaks says in the video below when asked about Overhype's second work. "Something general about the new game is that I (this is just my opinion) want to create a game that is a little less frustrating. Sometimes when I was testing for bugs I would just stop playing the game. And also it will be a turn-based strategy game, of course, multiple layered game design, a world map of some sorts, and tactical combat, and lots of decisions to be made... And there will be flying heads also, flying arms and flying legs as well".


"The procedural elements are very important", the studio head further confirms about the new game. "Not completely random but procedurally generated, some factors depend on each other. This is also a very fundamental concept of our games, that when two people are playing this game they have completely different stories to tell, so they have different starting point and different experiences".

"It's not that long anymore" for the many Battle Brothers fans who want to learn more about Menace, but Taaks could share no concrete dates for now. What do you expect from this new effort by the creators of Battle Brothers?

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