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Gears 6

More Gears of War is clearly under production at The Coalition

Job listing reveals a new game with a single player campaign.

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Gears 5 was released back in 2019, but three years later, we haven't heard almost anything official regarding the next installation in this epic action series. The only thing we know for sure, is that The Coalition's future projects will be developed with Unreal Engine 5.

Now we also know one more thing. Even if most of us surely would have guessed it, a new job listing reveals that The Coalition are currently working on a new Gears of War as they are looking for a Lead Mission Designer to work on the franchise. Also, this new game won't be some kind of multiplayer only title as the ad specifically mentions a "single player campaign".

While this surely is in line with what most people suspected, it's still nice to get a confirmation that more Gears of War is coming and and that we can look forward to a single player campaign.

Gears 6

Thanks IdleSloth84

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