More FPS boosted games are coming "soon" for Xbox Series S/X

It's not clear at this point which titles will receive these enhancements, however.

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When you replay older games you have fond memories of, you often notice how they aren't as fresh as you remembered them. Age tends to hit video games far worse that other pop culture. But with Xbox Series S/X, this isn't always true.

Microsoft's new console improves the older games by often making them run better and also by adding HDR support automatically. The coolest feature is the FPS Boost, which doubles (or in some cases quadruples) the frame rate. This has to be added manually and when the Bethesda acquisition was complete, a whole bunch of their games (like the Special Edition och The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 76) got the FPS Boost treatment.

So when are we getting more games added? When a gamer asked Director of Program Management Jason Ronald this on Twitter yesterday, he simply replied "Soon".

'Soon' is unfortunately a very liberally used expression in the world of video games, and a lot of times, we suspect developers start counting from the Jurassic geological period to make it true. But let's just keep our fingers crossed more games will get the FPS Boost sooner rather than later.

More FPS boosted games are coming "soon" for Xbox Series S/X

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